Bell the Cat, LLC

Our Firm has extensive experience supporting a diverse group of companies in their global business planning and operational start up, including joint venture and merger and acquisition activities. We are confident in our ability to provide solutions to your company from the formation of an enterprize strategy to detailed business plan implementation

  • We specialize In serving the unique needs of small to mid-sized companies ($10 to $200 million in sales)
  • Because we act as empowered representatives for our clients we are able to move with unmatched speed and commitment
  • Our process driven approach assures the client's global business plan is quickly taken from concept to implementation
“The team at Bell the Cat, LLC have been a godsend to us in assisting our local clients in analyzing global business operations. With Bell's professional involvement, a number of our clients have gone from thinking of international operations to implementing the correct form of international operations in a matter of months. Client feedback has been unanimously positive.”
 - Steve Kidd, Principal Lewis & Knopf, P.C.
Bell has joined the BDO Seidman Alliance